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Combobox validating event c

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but, to be honestly, I would like to have something like on Module Blur to pass job to ng2 , rather I call (change).Well, the reason I come here as I need find out how to validate/show message (: I need this "on Module Blur" or Blue Changes( just like Value Changes) to convert my site from angular 1 to 2, because my site is bit of strange as, after user changes control Value, some business rules will decide if this change has to post to backend or... Think from accessibility perspective, a screen reader user typing on the field and hearing repeated alert that the form field is invalid.But you're right that if the user leaves the input, then comes back and deletes it, it will still be "touched".works, but it feels like a chore to fiddle it back and forth and it doesn't "feel" like the correct way to do it - developers don't know what touched might be used for internally or by e.g directives.

I will add I think this setting should be specified on a per-use basis rather than per-validator-type or per-form.

Hi, Looking at the code for setting up form controls in it appears we detect control changes on Change "register On Change" eg.

if a user types into an input control that is an ng2 angular control, each keypress triggers a validationcheck ..

In my app at the moment I have to push the validator error in.

It works quite well so it's certainly possible to get around this issue.