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There's no indication that you have to pass an Apple quiz to join, meaning that it's rife for abuse by Windows users looking to pick up Mac hotties.
Leesville Concrete Company342.7302 Key – Key Constitutional Concepts342.7302 Our – Our Constitution: A Conversation353.03 Man – Mandate The President and the People355.222 Why – Why We Fight362.29 Dyi – Dying for Meth363.738 Gor – An Inconvenient Truth364.15 Jes – Jesse James364.15 JFK – JFK 3 Shots That Changed America364.152 Man – Manson364.16 Mad – Madoff and the Scamming of America366.109 Mys – Mysteries of the Freemasons385.22 Str – Streamliners America’s Lost Trains388.3 Ice – Ice Road Truckers: The Most Dangerous Episodes394.2663 Ste – Rick Steves’ European Christmas419 Bab – Baby Signing Time! – Exit Wounds Johansen, Iris – Dark Summer Kafka, Franz – The Trial Karon, Jan – In the Company of Others Keillor, Garrison – A Prairie Home Companion: It’s Only a Show Keillor, Garrison – Dusty and Lefty: The Lives of the Cowboys Keillor, Garrison – Lake Wobegon Summer 1956Keillor, Garrison - Liberty Kellerman, Faye – Street Dreams Kellerman, Jonathan – The Conspiracy Kellerman, Jonathan – The Murder Book Kellerman, Jonathan – True Detectives Kidd, Sue Monk – The Mermaid Chair King, Stephen – Colorado Kid, The King, Stephen – The Green Mile Kingsbury, Karen – Fame Kingsbury, Karen - Family Kingsbury, Karen – Forgiven Kingsbury, Karen - Found Kingsbury, Karen – Redemption Kingsbury, Karen – Remember Kingsbury, Karen – Return Kingsbury, Karen – Rejoice Kingsbury, Karen - Reunion Kingsbury, Karen – Oceans Apart Kingbury, Karen – Take Two Konrath, J. – Cherry Bomb Koontz, Dean – Frankenstein Book One The Prodigal Son Koontz, Dean – Velocity Krueger, William Kent – Heaven’s Keep Krueger, William Kent – Red Knife Krueger, William Kent – Thunder Bay Krueger, William Kent – Vermillion Drift Kunzru, Kari – Transmission Larsson, Steig – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo L’Amour, Louis – Collected Short Stories Vol. Fox791.43 Ber - Kate Remembered by A Scott Berg791.4472 Kei - A Prairie Home Companion 25th Anniversary Collection by Garrison Keillor792 Duk - Ask Me Again Tomorrow by Olympia Dukakis796.357 Tor – The Yankee Years by Joe Torre811.54 Heg - A Cup of Christmas Tea by Hegg, Tom813.54 Kei - Home on the Prairie by Garrison Keillor818 Kei - Gospel Birds by Garrison Keillor818.54 Hol - Holmward Bound : An Evening with Bill Holm by Bill Holm910.4 Gil – Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert910.92 Hor - Blue Latitudes by Tony Horwitz921 Bro - A Long Way From Home by Tom Brokaw921 Cro – A Reporter’s Life by Walter Cronkite921 Ken – True Compass by Edward M.

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At the end of his travels through Europe, JTA’s Ben Harris (“The Wandering Jew”) has uncovered a lot of Jewish Europe.How fitting to end his European journey with a party called “the Ball,” at which attendees tell you straight out: they’re here to woo. ” “Yes, to woo.” (I actually think he was talking about not knowing “to who” he’s going to talk to, but “to woo” makes some logical sense as well.) Warning – this clip, filmed in Brussels at the annual Ball held by the European Center for Jewish Students, may contain the following: *Unlicensed use of Beyonce songs *Footage of Jews dancing *Strobe lighting *A woman wearing one of those skinny scarves *Shocking images of spontaneous Hebrew bus singing and rapping *Euphemisms like “raring to go” *A DJ trying to be supercool while in denial about his DJing at a Jewish meat market *One couple trying to get their “Jewish continuity” on *Jews who come from all over Europe including…Mexico *Did we mention footage of Jews dancing?Don’t we all wish someone special would croon these sentiments at us?) But because I’ve always got to put the “J” in this website (and because I’ve just spent three days glued to the Twitter feed for the JFNA General Assembly), I’m going to just assume that these lyrics were written by Michael Steinhardt or someone else who’s obsessed with Jewish continuity. “Girl, you make me wanna join Federation / be part of the Jewish nation / find a JCC with a Hebrew school, and a swimming pool.” “I wanna knock you up / let’s go into debt together / pay for Hebrew school forever.” “First I gave you a rock / now we’re deep in hock / first for Jewish schools then for Jewish camp / yat least we’ve got God’s approval stamp.” I’m certain there are more potential lyrics out there.

“Yes, I want a husband,” I admitted aloud for the first time.

I turn this question over to you, the JDA audience, for discussion.

Remember: be respectful in the discussion, and generally excellent to one another. At the end of his travels through Europe, JTA’s Ben Harris (“The Wandering Jew”) has uncovered a lot of Jewish Europe.

(more…) My friend J is funny, smart and sassy, and gets a lot of attention from men.

During a recent conversation, I was relating the latest in a string of men whose interest (with a small i) I had mistaken for Interest (the capitalized “Interest” to indicate not just liking someone, but someone – this is part of the complex language of dating).