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This was the actor's first main role in a television series; a role, which lasted from the series' inception in March 2010, through to the conclusion of the fourth and final season of the show in 2013.
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Lost Legacy looks up to the quality fans now expect from Naughty Dog - but you guys are also working on The Last of Us 2. The entire team is on Lost Legacy - that's a couple hundred of us strong.

Do you guys consider this a fully-fledged Uncharted game?

As you ask the questions, each person holds the side that says, ” I have” or the other side, which says, “I have NEVER.”This will provide a lot of laughter and give your guests a chance to quickly explain his or her answer with a quick story.It was a great combination of tantalising sex tales mixed with advice for modern dating – especially the type of dating that involves swiping left-to-right on a mobile phone. Originally from Chicago, a fat-to-fit lifestyle change saw Jarosky turn from financial consultant (CPA/MBA Economics) to health and wellness expert now living in Sydney, Australia. I don’t do these 'hook ups' that seem popular on here. If you are a guy (or gal) struggling and swiping, you need Mike, and you need to pick up his book – fast..." READ MORE will take you there. Jarosky is the author of numerous health and fitness books, such as 40 Days as a City Caveman and Cut the BS Diet. Now work as a PT, and I have a health and fitness column with SMH, Melb Age. But mates, dates, naughty, or a relationship I'm open to it all. It started as a smaller project with a much slimmer storyline but the thing Naughty Dog does great is our stories about the human condition - tests of the human condition. We did explore, I would say, almost every character in that world and we do have spines and storylines to explore with them. And pairing her up with the pragmatic Nadine Ross, who's trying to regain her losses after Shoreline's decline...We needed space to develop Chloe Frazer - we hadn't seen her in depth, seen where she came from, what made her tick. You mentioned some fan favourite characters there - Sully, especially. There's a whole narrative arc there, and we're building on top of all this tech [from the series so far]. Naughty Dog has so far resisted the urge to make a fully open world game, despite industry trends.Instead, Lost Legacy gives the limelight over to two of Uncharted's fan-favourite side-characters - Nadine Ross and Chloe Frazer - as they team up to take on their own adventure. Is this only the first such side-adventure planned?