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While this may seem like a broad statement, anyone with basic knowledge of the Illuminati practices can easily see through the rhetoric and understand she is referring to the use of particular symbols to allow demons or jinns to possess and control us.

She follows that with another disturbing statement “The triangle often represents a trinity, it represents spirit, so if we want to connect with spirit, we can imagine our head being immersed in a golden pyramid of light”.

through which the new incoming Aquarian energies can function, the new ideas spread, and the New World Order emerge”.

In other writings, Alice Bailey of the Lucis Trust said the coming New World Order is best symbolised by a triangle within a circle, with a dot inside the triangle.

The below examples feature a couple of Christian medallions designed to be worn on the ends of necklaces, with the two centre images showing Illuminati puppet Eminem wearing a simpler version of the design, which is purported to represent Alcoholics Anonymous.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a well known Illuminati front organisation, so it comes as no surprise that they would adopt an Illuminati symbol to depict themselves.

ADOPTION IN COMMON SOCIETY One of the main agendas of the Illuminati is to proliferate the use of occult symbols and spread them throughout our daily lives.

She went on to say that Sanat is the entity who at the appointed time will emerge to rule both the earth and humanity.It is a symbol deeply rooted in Masonic traditions, and is generally depicted as a single eye placed centrally inside a triangle, and sometimes enhanced using beams of light to show it is “Illuminated”.The eye itself is representative of Satan, who his worshippers believe is all powerful, omnipresent and has the ability to see everything.One of their favourite places to put these images is on government or official logos, where they will be recognised and acknowledged by the public as a symbol of authority and domination over their lives.The triangle inside a circle has even been transformed into jewellery, particularly as faith based necklaces.Their description and reasoning for selection of the symbol to represent them sound very much like the making of a satanic ritual: “The equilateral triangle represents the three part answer – unity, recovery and service – to a three part disease – physical, mental and spiritual, while the circle represents wholeness or oneness.