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"There was a big discussion about me in the mountains. ' My father defended me and said, 'She has the right to decide.If she would like to join, she is welcome, if she doesn't, she doesn't have to.'" Not without my husband By the time Hero went to the mountains again to resume the armed struggle in the late 1970s, she was married and had two children of her own, Bafel and Qubad.Hero was 10 years old when Iraq's newly installed monarchy was overthrown by a coup d'etat - in what came to be known as the July 14 Revolution.

When the Iraqi army marched into Sulaimania, he took his wife and seven children to the mountains."Some say the conditions in Finland and the lengthy asylum process did not meet their expectations, or what they had been told by the people they paid for their travel," he said. She is the only woman among a band of male guerrilla fighters - a slight figure in the midst of brawny rifle-toting, mustachioed men.But within a few years, Baghdad's relationship with the Kurds deteriorated.The Kurds of the north attempted to negotiate autonomy with Baghdad, and after a series of unfulfilled agreements, the Kurds decided to wage war against the Iraqi establishment in 1961.All Iraqi citizens were proclaimed equal, irrespective of ethnicity and religion.