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Sarah credits European men with being more open and less threatened by female success than American men. “You have to be willing to look under every rock,” she says.

Amputee devotee dating sites how to be friends after dating

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This article is of interest to the leg-brace devotee community as many of the comments made about amputee attraction apply equally to leg-brace attraction.Substitute the word "amputee" for "leg-brace" or "leg-brace user" and I think you will agree.

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Pretenders, or “hobbyists” as they are also known, are able-bodied people who enjoy dressing up as amputees, often going out in public in wheelchairs, on crutches or with braces.Money termed their erotic obsession for amputated limbs “acrotomophilia” and their desire to become amputees themselves “apotemnophilia.”Money’s neologisms are interesting because they make a very specific judgment about what is “wrong” with devotees and wannabes.In both cases, Money classifies them as suffering from a kind of mental disorder called a paraphilia.Another important aim of many of the Web sites is to discourage the feelings of shame apparently prevalent among devotees, pretenders and wannabes and to encourage acceptance and understanding among amputees.This aim is particularly evident in the case of devotees, who are very likely to interact directly with amputees.Even though devotees represent by far the majority of those with an interest in amputees and amputation, outside of the Web they are almost unheard of, and there is certainly very little information about them in academic and medical literature.