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If our men knew what we talked about with each other, they would go ballistic. "Do I think sort of talking in chat rooms when you're married is OK? Typing is typing – sticky keyboard, but still typing," Dr.

It is a day when compulsion is getting the better of me.

There is Rapid Café, a Japanese restaurant that makes udon noodle soup.

Next door is King of Yiros, a Greek café; the owners keep a budgie in a cage out the front, and it screams at anyone walking past.

I feel compelled, in an almost physical way, to check my email and Twitter at the end of every task.

And then, if I go to the bathroom or get a glass of water, my phone accompanies me, and I’m looking at things on Instagram. It is now 12.30pm, and so far, entirely unproductive.

But she would not have been legally allowed to put it on her husband's computer at work or any other computer that she did not own.

You can find out by doing that you can find out by object serving and you've got a much stronger case to say, 'look, I notice you're spending a lot of time at work.' I guess having the evidence may be helpful."Christine says though she was aware of the problems in her marriage, she needed the extra proof. I was curious of what was going on because he would deny a lot of things and say it was nothing.

I started finding pictures that he had - some very interesting photos."So Christine installed a software package called e Blaster by Spectorsoft on the computer that she and her husband shared.

The program kept track of all activity on the computer including all e-mails, instant messages, Web sites visited and even every keystroke made from that computer.

Not only is the idea of internet addiction foreign to the Australian public in 1997, but the internet as technology seems to be unfamiliar enough to warrant a detailed explanation.

Carol writes: The way my words find their way to my friend some 12,000 miles away is amazing. The program converts the text to data packets, which it then sends down the telephone line to my ISP, which then sends it off to the next available part of the network, which in turn send it one, and so on.