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As South Korea's economy grew, the ROK Navy was able to build larger and better equipped fleets to deter aggression, to protect national maritime rights and to support the nation's foreign policy.

As of 2016, the ROK Navy has about 70,000 regular personnel including 29,000 Republic of Korea Marines.

Established in 1945, the ROK Navy is the oldest branch of the South Korean armed forces.

Since the end of the Korean War, the South Korean navy has concentrated its efforts to building naval forces to counteract the North Korean navy, which has littoral naval capabilities.

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) I don't know if he really is a homophobe as people make him out to be since he is close friends with Hong Suk Chun, but I know some Christians that don't agree with homosexuality, but they know it isn't their place to judge them and they would still treat them with respect and like a human being should be treated. Things and ideas can change over time the more you are exposed to different people.

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In the 9th century, Commissioner Chang Bogo of Unified Silla established a maritime base called Cheonghaejin on an island to foster trading with China and Japan, and to cope with pirates.

I get feeling uncomfortable when you're good friends and have awesome chemistry with someone and so many people insist you must be in love with each other.

What does Eunhyuk mean about SNSD not having a "feminine side"? I don't get it : S I think with the they don't have "feminine side" could mean that they don't see them as someone who they would date. Probably seen them at their worst and I'm sure they forces themselves to see them as nothing more as co workers.

Some of it are ridiculous I dont even want to address.

About the tumblr post, I can get how she doesnt agree with fanfiction, but I dont quite understand the racist thing..