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The cairn has long gone and there is no longer any noticeable mound.Around 200m further up towards the crest of the hill is stone row 3 (using Butler's numbering).Kraps Ring was examined by the Dartmoor Exploration Committee in 1895 and of the hut circles within it was found that "all except one had been dug over for stones" and "owing to the disturbed character of these circles their further examination was abandoned" (See: Second Report of the Dartmoor Exploration Committee TDA Vol.27) A short way southwards up the hill from Kraps Ring can be found cairn 1 which has a clear retaining circle of diameter 6m formed by 13 kerb stones.Many of this centres on the time of the pharoahs and ancient Egypt.Could the pyramids have been built by extraterrestrial beings?Researchers found several bizarre “bodies" with three fingers and three toes in a cave in Nazca, Peru, earlier this year.

These are the most significant differences we could find.“There are a few more such as the number of finger joints and the nail beds.” Benitez believes it could be a world-changing discovery and is calling for a deeper investigation.

If a cairn once terminated the row it had been completely removed before the monument was first recorded and no trace now remains" [Butler Vol. This consists of a cist with four sides remaining at the centre of a slight mound.

This cist was investigated by Robert Burnard in 1898 (see report below).

An extensive area of Bellever and Laughter Hole was acquired by the Forestry Commission in 1930 and by 1938 the eastern slopes of Bellever Tor and Lakehead Hill had been planted and the western slopes of Bellever and Lakehead followed between 19 [Rouse].

The forestation policy resulted in "considerable disquiet" [Gill] and it was "a step that Hansford Worth strenuously opposed" [Hemery].