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Rundstedt's education followed the path ordained for Prussian military families: the junior cadet college at Diez, near Koblenz, then the military academy at Lichterfelde in Berlin.

Rundstedt joined the 83rd Infantry Regiment in March 1892 as a cadet officer (Portepee Fähnrich).

After the war, he was charged with war crimes, but did not face trial due to his age and poor health. Gerd von Rundstedt was born in Aschersleben, north of Halle in Prussian Saxony (now in Saxony-Anhalt).

He was the eldest son of Gerd Arnold Konrad von Rundstedt, a cavalry officer who served in the Franco-Prussian War.

Rundstedt served as 22nd Division's chief of staff during the invasion of Belgium, but he saw no action since his Division was held in reserve during the initial advance.

In December 1914, suffering from a lung ailment, he was promoted to Major and transferred to the military government of Antwerp.

In August 1918 Rundstedt was transferred to the west, as chief of staff to XV Corps in Alsace, under General Felix Graf von Bothmer.

He was there when the attempted military coup known as the Kapp Putsch took place in March 1920.He stayed in this post until November 1916, until he was promoted by being made chief of staff to an Army Corps, XXV Reserve Corps, which was fighting in the Carpathians. In October 1917 he was appointed chief of staff to LIII Corps, in northern Poland.The following month, however, the October Revolution led to the collapse of the Russian armies and the end of the war on the eastern front.He was recalled at the beginning of World War II as commander of Army Group South in the invasion of Poland.He commanded Army Group A during the Battle of France, and was promoted to the rank of Field Marshal in 1940.This division was part of XI Corps, which in turn was part of General Alexander von Kluck's First Army.