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Adjacent to the historic, retired ocean liner Queen Mary, the Long Beach Cruise Terminal is housed in a geodesic dome that was originally built to house Howard Hughes’ “Spruce Goose” airplane. They are the key to the ship’s longevity and success. Sports Deck (12) is divided into forward and aft sections. ports in the mid-1970s, it was rumored to be a "spy ship." No. The second of five nearly identical sister liners named for Russian poets, Marco Polo was built in 1965 as the Alexandr Pushkin for Soviet-owned and operated Baltic Shipping Company. Sturdy East German construction and an ice-strengthened bow have served the Marco Polo well on its globe-trotting journeys. The Marco Polo is one of the last large active passenger ships in the world with tangible elements of sheer (lengthwise curvature) and camber (side-to-side curvature). Marco Polo’s interiors all date from the early 1990s and feature an Art Deco-inspired look courtesy of Greek interior designer Michalis Katzourakis. He was born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and comes from a seafaring family as his father also sailed for Holland America Line in the 1950’s and 60’s.The heritage goes even further back as there was a Carsjens in command of a Dutch frigate in the 1850’s.He was invited to be part of the set up team during the building of the ms Rotterdam, ms Zaandam, ms Zuiderdam and ms Oosterdam in Venice, Italy. Both he and his wife, when not working onboard HAL ships, enjoy exploring a diverse range of destinations, experiencing new cultures and tasting local cuisines.When an opportunity arises he likes to try his luck on the golf course.Decorative flourishes include stepped cherry wood panels and polished rosa cardinale marble tiles. owns two of the R ships, including the successor to the original “Love Boat," Princess Cruises’ Pacific Princess (ex-R Three, shown) and Fathom Cruises Adonia (ex-R Eight), the latter to be transferred back into the fold of British-based P&O Cruises when Fathom ceases operations later this year. S.-based cruising and ranked at the top of the luxury cruise tier. Although very similar to the Crystal Symphony, the Harmony’s funnel was situated slightly farther forward and the angle of its superstructure was more pronounced, making it the slightly more pretty of the pair. Prior to World War II, NYK was one of the world’s largest passenger shipping lines but now it operates just one cruise ship. These 5,307-gt, 159-guest ships were the first all-new sail-enhanced major cruise ships to be built in decades. They have shallow drafts that enable them to visit off-the-beaten-track hamlets like Monemvasia in Greece. Located at the aft end of Atlantic Deck, the 658-seat Carnivale Dining Room is named for Carnival’s second ship. Eight identical, 30,277-gt, 684-guest ships were completed for now-defunct Renaissance Cruises between 19.

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In 1996 he boarded the ss Rotterdam as a fourth officer and has since made a steady progression through the ranks.

This ship, the frigate Aerd van Nes, is quite famous in the Dutch Sea History, as on its return from Australia it foundered on the Great Barrier Reef and it took the Captain, F.

M Carsjens, nearly half a year to get his 24 crew safely home to a port in the Dutch East Indies.

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